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Don't wait until you get a principalship to practice the instructional leadership skills you need to lead a school!  Dr. B. Good outlines ten steps to prepare you to successfully assume the role of school principal before you get the job.  In this book you will find tips for implementing the ten steps, as well as organizational tools, checklists, scripts, agendas and samples of classroom walk throughs to prepare you to effectively lead a school.

10 Steps to Help Assistant Principals Become Effective Instructional Leaders

1.  Understand School Accountability Systems

2.  Stay Current with Educational Trends

3.  Increase Instructional Leadership Capacity

4.  Set a Walk Through Goal

5.  Get Assessment Literature

6.  Organize Yourself

7.  Embrace Instructional Technology

8.  Learn to Say Tough Things to Nice People with Grace

9.  Find a Mentor

10.  Avoid Burnout

About the Book...

A Resource for Assistant Principals

This book will help prepare you to become a strong instructional leader and effective school principal.

About Dr. B. Good...

An Experienced Educational Leader

Dr. B. Good is a long time teacher, campus and district administrator, Higher Ed professor, and now superintendent of public schools.

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Dr. B. Good

In addition to authoring two books, Dr. B. Good has also written submissions for several academic journals and educational periodicals.


Dr. Rebecca "Becky" Good

“Dr. Rebecca Good’s intent to refocus the role of an assistant principal as an instructional leader rather than an operations manager is the answer to educational reform.”


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To lead assistant principals to recognize the skills needed to prepare for the principalship and to provide tools to develop those skills

- Martha Katrina Martinez


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